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Parents react after student arrested for creating a hit list

A freshman Monroe City High School student is accused of creating a hit list of students she intended to harm.

Wednesday Monroe City Police said she’s in juvenile custody and parents said they think police handled the situation quickly and efficiently.

Shelley Buhlige got a phone call today letting her know her kids were safe after a threat at Monroe city high school. She was shocked.

"It kinda makes your stomach turn when you hear that but you always have faith that maybe it’s just somebody who is angry in that moment and troubled and then it will pass," said Buhlige.

Police said Tuesday night a concerned parent told them a student created a hit list and asked other students for help, through social media, to add names to the list.

Then Wednesday, when the suspected student arrived at school on the bus, police took her into custody.

Buhlige said she was impressed with how quickly the school and authorities handled the situation.

"I didn’t feel like the students in the school today were in any danger right then," she said. "I felt like they handled it well."

"You can’t have the mentality that it’s not going to happen," said Monroe City Chief of Police Tyler Wheeler. "With my department now, that’s the way we treat it. You gotta have a quick response and make sure you get an answer on it."

Meanwhile, the school said when a threat of any kind is made, they, like police, take the situation very seriously.

"We hope we never have to see that reality that other school districts have seen but yet we had not better be foolish enough to think that it could not happen even in Monroe City," said Superintendent Tracy Bottoms.

A thought parents said can make it hard to send their kids to school.

"It’s something I think about everyday with my kids going to school. I just hope that we take the precautions to keep our kids safe and do lots of praying," said Buhlige.

Chief Wheeler said they don’t currently have a school resource officer at Monroe City schools. He hopes Wednesday’s incident prompts the city to make room in its budget to pay for one soon.


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