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Gov. Rauner visits Knapheide in Quincy, makes campaign promises

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was in Quincy Wednesday to campaign in a town hall style event.

He spoke with workers at Knapheide and made some big promises.

The governor’s biggest promise was tens of billions of dollars in investments in the state’s transportation system.

The governor said there are four ways he wants to pay for those projects.

He said the state needs a balanced budget that prioritizes education and infrastructure. He wants to expand public and private partnerships when it comes to transportation. Rauner said the state needs a stronger partnership with the federal government, as well. He said most importantly the state can not raise it’s taxes.

“One thing we could do is expand gaming in the state of Illinois. I don’t gamble and I don’t personally like gambling but a lot of people like it. Right now, people are leaving Illinois who live here to go gamble over in Iowa Missouri, Wisconsin and Indiana and we’re losing a lot of revenue,” said Rauner.

Meanwhile workers who listened to Wednesday’s promises from the governor said they want to see action back up his words if they vote for him in November especially when it comes to transportation projects.

“That is very very very important because especially here at Knapheide, a lot of our stuff goes out on semi truck flatbeds so better roads means quicker times getting it where it needs to go,” said Harry Riley who works at Knapheide.

The governor also promised to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into state universities.

He also said he plans to bring half a million more jobs to the state if re elected to a second term.

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