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Keokuk daycare could close in midst of child neglect investigation

Friday, a Keokuk daycare could close while in the middle of a child neglect investigation.

A mother claims staff at Rosie Posie Child Development Center left her child on a hot bus for several hours last week, then tried to cover it up.

Almost immediately since opening in 2014, documents show Rosie Posie has undergone 11 unannounced reviews by the Iowa Department of Human Services. Those unannounced visits show a repeated pattern of concerns from parents and a lack of training by staff.

In February 2016, allegations surfaced that the daycare’s staff came to work under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

The report shows Rosie Posie owner Whitney Wagaman denying the allegation and no further action was taken.

Then the following month, in March of 2016, DHS received a complaint alleging a 2 year old child was bitten 3 times by another child, bites so hard, the child had bruising on her back.

While the documents show Rosie Posie had a policy to deal with biting incidents, the report says the staff didn’t know it happened, had no explanation of how the bruises got there and whether or not biting had occurred.

On July 28, 2017, complaints from another inspection show summertime and seasonal employees with no background checks, no CPR and no First Aid training are left alone with children.

While the report found that some staff members didn’t have background checks, it says ongoing medical training requirements have been met and there was no violation.

But this year, in April and August, more unannounced visits.

Compliance reports show daycare staff fell below standards for proper training, including CPR and First Aid.
Also, a daycare employee was fired after allegations of hitting a 4 year old child in his throat –and restraining the child. In the same report, another violation for lack of training.

And a common theme in every report, while changes were made after violations, no change to licensing status was ever recommended by the state.

IDHS Compliance Reports for Rosie Posie Child Development Center 

IDHS Complaints for Rosie Posie Child Development Center 

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To report a concern with a daycare provider:



Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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