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School board makes no traction in effort to auction off vacant schools

It’s back to the drawing board for the Quincy School Board after board members rejected the sole bid for Washington Elementary.

They also received no bids for Dewey Elementary in a 30-day online auction that ended on Wednesday.

QPS Superintendent Roy Webb says the bid for Washington was a local buyer who put forth $100,000 which did not meet the minimum set by the school board.

“I think we re-evaluate our minimum bid which we didn’t publicize,” said Webb. “I think next time the board is thinking about making that amount public and then going back out to do a new bid. ”

Dan Dice lives across the street from Washington and was surprised to hear about the lack of interest in the school.

“That school would not sell and somebody would not be interested in that school, that just befuddles me because I think it’s been a school that’s been maintained, updated and it’s single story,” said Dice.

With the cost to maintain both the schools estimated at $100,000 a year, Webb says they’re hoping to get rid of the buildings before winter moves in.

“The age of the buildings and the heating and cooling systems were also old and inefficient so those are the reasons why we are going to the new buildings; to have very efficient buildings,” said Webb. “They’re still structurally very sound. Washington School has beautiful architecture and it’s a beautiful building. The right person can go in there and make something of these but obviously we haven’t found them yet.”

There will be a special board meeting next week to start the sale process over. Webb says this time around they will do a traditional auction rather than an online one.

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Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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