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Hannibal’s Karate Kid

Chase Youngwirth comes off like many kids. Quiet, a bit shy and well pretty unassuming. But everything changes for Chase when he steps into Black Belt Karate in Hannibal.

Chase has been involved in karate since he was three years old and recently earned his black belt.

Not only that, but Chase recently booked a trip to Greece for next month’s WKU World Championships in Athens.

Chase will take the trip as a part of team USA. At first Chase only picked up karate as something to fill his days, but now he’s hoping to fill a spot on the podium and win a gold medal.

It’s finding that spark to compete and perform that has allowed Chase to grow and be comfortable in his own skin.

Youngwirth said, “I just wanted to just show off basically. Like in different places in the United States and now it’s different places in the world.”

Chase’s mother Jeanne is the owner of Black Belt Karate and has been there every step of the way as her son has racked up countless trophies over the years.

She’s seen first hand the transformation her son has made as he’s ascended through the ranks.

Jeanne said, “We found he had a competitive side which we did not know was in there.

He has been training since he was three and a half years old. And he has gained so much from the sport.

Starting with confidence and him coming out of his shell.

He used to be a real shy kid that would not even go out on the floor when he started.”

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