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Local veteran welcomed into new tiny home

A local veteran is in her new tiny home Sunday night, after hard work from hundreds of volunteers earlier this month.

The goal is to end homelessness for veterans in the community.

“I mostly thank God for using all these people to make a dream that I never dreamed of and never dared to dream, come true,” army veteran Michelle Roberts said.

A dream indeed, as Roberts cuts the ribbon in front of a tiny home, that now belongs to her.

Roberts served in the army as a hospital and food service specialist, before circumstances left her homeless, forcing her to move in with her sister.

But thanks to a partnership between Tri-State Veterans Community Village and 2 x 4’s for Hope, Roberts now can live in the comfort of her brand new home.

“Like I was in a dream,” Roberts said. “As a matter of fact, I went to the back of the house, I was with Chris and I was telling her, I need somebody to pinch me, because I can’t believe this is happening and that this is mine. It’s still kind of surreal.”

Phase one of the tiny home was funded by donations and volunteers built the home on September 8 at the fairgrounds in a couple of hours.

Later that week, they moved the home to it’s current location and after weeks of interior design and landscaping, the house is now furnished on the corner of 6th and Cherry.

Organizers said it will be the first of many.

“Any one night, we have 39,000 homeless veterans that are needing a home just like the one behind us and people say, can you possibly make a difference with this one,” Mark Lawrence with 2 x 4’s for Hope said. “There are 38,999 homeless veterans now that we’ve taken care of this one today.”

They won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Everyone there signed 2 x 4 on Sunday and it will be the first piece to the next home they plan to build for a veteran right next door.

“They planted a seed in me and I plan on planting it and letting it just keep going,” Roberts said.

The goal for the open lot next door is to build another tiny home and have it put in for another vet on Veterans Day in a couple of months.

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