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Adams County community assessment

United Way of Adams County has released the 2018 Community Assessment for Adams County showcasing data in the areas of education, financial stability, and health.

The assessment compiles county-level statistics reported by local, state and national organizations and provides county level information on educational achievement, economic conditions, health status, quality of life, and risk factors within the community.

This year’s assessment also includes primary survey data from Adams County residents. This report was completed in partnership with Blessing Health System, Adams County Health Department, and University of Illinois Extension.

The Community Assessment has historically been completed every three years and was last released in 2015. “To provide a more timely assessment to our community and actively respond to current needs, we plan to move to a yearly updating process. We plan to release the next assessment September of 2019,” said Maureen Hill, Director of Community Impact and Investment.

The data points provide useful information for businesses, civic groups, social service agencies, the faith community, educational systems, health facilities and the community in general, to identify trends in the county and take action to address critical issues.

The assessment serves as a guiding force for the United Way Community Building Council (CBC).

The CBC guides the development of programs, partnerships, and collaborations working to make Adams County a region where students are prepared to succeed in school, youth are on track for success in college or career after high school, children and adults are healthy, and families/individuals can manage basic needs and save for the future.

In the coming months, staff from United Way say they will meet with groups and organizations throughout Adams County to communicate the findings in the report and gain insights on the key issues presented.

Read the report here: 2018 Community Assessment Report

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Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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