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Frost Advisories overnight, Friday morning

Much cooler and breezy with a few clouds around this morning giving way to sunny skies by this afternoon.

With a cool start with temperatures near 40 this morning, temperatures will climb into the upper 40s / low 50s for an afternoon high.

This is much cooler than we show be around this time of year. Average high temperatures on October 11 are around 67F, so we’ll be about 15-20 degrees below that.

Even though the rain has ended, the flooding along the Mississippi River has not. Here’s the latest crest data with some updates to crest times. Even with earlier crests currently forecast, the river will remain near crest levels at some sites into next week.

Keokuk – Crest at 21.3 feet Sunday PM 10/14 (Major flooding). FS 16
Canton – Crest at 21.8 feet Monday AM 10/18 (Moderate flooding). FS 14
Quincy – Crest at 25.4 feet Sunday PM 10/17 (Moderate flooding). FS 17
Hannibal – Crest at 25.0 feet Thursday PM 10/11 (Major flooding). FS 16
Saverton – Crest at 24.5 feet Monday PM 10/15 (Major flooding). FS 16
Louisiana – Crest at 23.1 feet Friday AM 10/12 (Moderate flooding). FS 15
Clarksville – Crest at 33.6 feet Monday PM 10/15 (Major flooding). FS 25

A Frost Advisory will go into effect at 1 AM Friday morning for Scotland, Clark, Hancock and McDonough counties due to another cool night near freezing. The average first frost is around October 1 through 15 for this area, so that is average. More counties may be added to this Frost Advisory.

Watch out for some rain chances Friday, and it will be a cold rain with highs only in the 40s!

Mainly sunny on Saturday with rain chances arriving Sunday taking us through Monday before we clear out and remain cool for the week ahead.

The latest on the river stages, our local forecast, and the impacts a devastating hurricane is having on the southeast US coming up on WGEM News at Noon!\

Chief Meteorologist Mike Cole has the latest on this chilly forecast coming up on WGEM News at Five, Six and Ten PM as well!

Jeremy Ledford

Meteorologist Jeremy Ledford appears weekdays on WGEM News Today and WGEM News at Noon.

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