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Health data breach affects thousands

A warning from experts following news of another data breach. This time affecting the state of Missouri.

The Missouri Health Department and Senior Services announced that their data was breached affected over 10,000 people. This includes names, birth-dates, identification numbers, and social security numbers. Although the breach happened two months ago, the department revealed that Friday.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau said having your medical identity stolen can be a lot of work to recover from.

“There’s so many different layers with your medical information and really you have to contact all of those companies that have had access to your records to correct any problem that is on there,” said Mara Clingingsmith, BBB Regional Director.

Clingingsmith said victims of medical identity theft can make for easier targets for future scammers.

“Someone can say, ‘hey I am working with the government, we’re working on trying to repair the medical breach, let’s go through and verify who you are,” said Clingingsmith. ” It could be a scammer who is out there trying to get your medical information again. So be very wary of anyone who calls saying, ‘I’m here to help.”

Officials said before giving your personal information ask health providers what steps they are doing to protect your identity. They add get in the habit of constantly checking your insurance statements and credit report.

For more information on what to do, click here.

Missouri DHSS warns of security breach

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