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Birthdays & Anniversaries: October 30, 2018

Send your birthday and anniversary wishes to

Note: Please have all birthday and anniversary announcements submitted to WGEM no later than two business days prior to the date you wish your announcement to be read on air.

WGEM does not guarantee that birthday and anniversary announcements submitted less than two days beforehand will be read on air.

Joanne Findley
Isabella McPherson
Dylan Campbell
Dennis Amsler
Richie Cory
Kane Mansir
Emily Lind
Jacob May
Kara Twaddell
Avis Sexton
Mary Hoff
Marie Bell
Nancy Ward
Mary Kay Leapley
Audrey Rauschert
Jim Clanin
Steve Roon
Donna Kessler
Eric Schneider
Adam Huckey
Andrew Huckey
Rhonda VanNice
Walt Illgen
Saaphire Rippenkroeger
Debbie Woodworth
Tucker Kurfman
Saylor Nagy
Savana Nagy
Gracie Tharp
Odin Hutton
Annette Lewis
Brayden Troxell
Aaron Whelan
Jesse Blackford
Joann Legg
Adrien Wiley

Dylan Austin

Evening Anchor

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