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Candidates for 94th District discuss jobs and infrastructure

With just a week to go until election day, the candidates for 94th District state representative faced off in a forum at Quincy’s First Christian Church Tuesday night.

State Rep. Randy Frese and his democratic challenger Richard Cramsey went toe-to-toe during the forum, which was hosted by the League of Women Voters. The two candidates discussed everything from high speed internet to the vets home.

One thing was certain, both candidates agreed things need to change at the state level.

When asked what their top priority was out of the topics of jobs, agriculture, education and infrastructure, Frese said education, while Cramsey said jobs.

“We’re suffering from a teacher shortage,” said Frese. “We need to figure out a way to attract more teachers and get more students coming out of high school interested in going into that profession.”

“You don’t have to have an education to get a job but you do have to have a job to eat,” said Cramsey. “That’s the reason why I think jobs is more important.”

On the topic of infrastructure throughout the district, both candidates agree the condition of roads needs to be addressed, whether it be expanding highways to fixing potholes.

“I went to see my son over in LaBelle and I get on Route 6 and there’s no bumps and the front end doesn’t jump,” said Cramsey. “I go over there and drive the maximum speed limit very comfortably and buy $2.55 a gallon gas and then I come across the river and I’m in potholes and bumps.”

“I use that Macomb Bypass and it’s dangerous the way it is,” said Frese. “I know that there’s going to be a terrible accident there because people think they are still on a 4-lane and they’re not.”

Early voting is underway now until November 5. Election Day is November 6. Adams County is also offering early voting this Saturday at the County Clerk’s Office.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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