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Election Day Privacy

Midterm elections are a week away and if you are voting for the first time or haven’t in a long time there are some things you cannot do when heading to the polls.

County Clerk Chuck Venvertloh says you are not allowed to wear any political clothing or pins, also known as electioneering within 100 feet of a polling place.

It’s also illegal in Illinois to take photos of your ballot and post them online, including social media. Venvertloh says it is important for people be aware of the laws and respect others around you.

“The biggest reason is we want peoples votes to be anonymous, we don’t necessarily want someone tied to something, have someone be able and go back a check the history and say hey since you voted this way, we want you to this, to do this, we want you to do that,”  Venvertloh said.

Voter Gregory Davis says it is important to know the voting process.

“I think it’s important that they come out, step outside of their comfort zone and come down here and see what the process is about,” Davis said. “It’s pretty much common sense you come in and it’s a private vote, no one else is gonna know what you’re doing.”

Venvertloh says the county still needs election judges to help out on November 6th for more information click here.

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