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QPS teacher wins October Golden Apple Award

Quincy Public Schools elementary teacher Sandra Polak was awarded the October WGEM Golden Apple Award.

Sandra Polak says she loves watching her kids learn.

“I want them happy. I want them to feel safe,” Polak said. “And, when they feel like they are coming into the environment they give me their all.”

“My teacher is nice and she’s really helpful,” second grader Brenn Dahmm said.

“She’s sweet and kind,” student Bella Clark added.

One way Polak helps kids learn better is with iPads. She took the initiative and through the website was able to get several iPads for the classroom.

“It’s their normal. If you can learning into their normal and make it fun it’s just a great tool to use,” Polak explained.

“It’s kind of better then a book because on iPads you have apps, like math,” Clark said.

“And, they have really fun games,” Dahmm said.

Besides the improved technology, Polak’s students say her dedication and compassion toward them makes them successful.

“She calls us her family and we like to call us her family too because we are all one big family at Denman,” Clark said.

“They accidentally call me mom a lot. I work on that. I want them to feel that way when they are in there,” Polak said.

Natalie Will

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