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Two Tri-State nursing facilities cited for violations

Two West Central Illinois nursing facilities were recently fined $2,200 each by the Illinois Department of Public Health for license violations.

The fines were announced in the IDPH’s third-quarter report.

Records show the Timber Point Healthcare Center in Camp Point, Illinois, was fined for an incident where a resident was given the wrong medication.

The IDPH report states that on April 3, a resident at Timber Point began having seizures. The resident was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of hypoglycemia, seizures and a mental status change.

The report states that it was later discovered that the seizures were due to low blood sugar which was the result of the resident being given the wrong medication.

Hospital history and physical and emergency records dated April 28, show that the resident was started on Glipizide, an anti-diabetic medication.

Hospital records show the low blood sugar was “almost certainly secondary” to the Glipizide.

The report states that the patient remained at the hospital in Intensive Care for 18 days.

The IDPH report states that the Director of Nursing at Timber Point stated that on April 26, she had transcribed a physician’s order for Glipizide on the resident’s chart accidentally, the medication was for a different resident.

The IDPH report states that “the issue is still in flux” as the nursing home (Timber Point) is convinced that even though the order got on the wrong chart, the resident was never given an oral hypoglycemic, but he certainly acted that way clinically as his sugar continued to go down repeatedly.

You can read the full report for Timber Point here.

IDPH records also show that Heritage Health in Mount Sterling, Illinois, was fined for an incident in July where a resident received a large skin tear while being transferred.

The IDPH reports that the tear was due to the facilities failure to use proper measures to protect the resident’s frail skin.

Records show that on July 11 at 9:20 a.m. two nursing assistants at Heritage Health were transferring a patient from a bed to a chair with a mechanical lift when they discovered that the resident’s left arm was bleeding.

The report states that both nursing assistants stated that the resident was cooperative with the transfer and they were not sure what happened, but the injury happened during the transfer.

The report states that the on-duty nurse reported that the resident had very fragile skin and gets frequent skin tears. The nurse stated that the tear was ten centimeters in length and on top of the left forearm.

The nurse cleaned the wound, used closure strips, wrapped the arm and called the physician who said they would be in later to look at the wound, according to records.

The report states that later that day at 12:51 p.m. nursing assistants were transferring the same patient again from bed to a wheelchair with a mechanical lift. One of the nursing assistants stated that the resident’s “arm got caught or something and (the resident) made a face. We both looked and noticed (the resident’s) arm was crumpled under (the resident). It was a big horrible mess. (The resident’s) skin was torn between elbow and wrist.”

The IDPH report states that the facility was not using Geri sleeves (arm protectors) as they should have been on a patient with skin in this condition.

The report states at one point the nursing assistants had looked for the Geri sleeves but could not find them.

Records show that Geri sleeves were listed on Heritage Health’s care plan for the resident and purchase orders show sleeves were ordered on June 6 and 13.

The physician’s report stated that the wound measured 10 x 8 centimeters with approximately 60% of the wound without skin covering and fatty tissue exposed.

You can read the full report for Heritage Health here.

WGEM reached out to Timber Point for a response, but has not heard back from management.

WGEM also reached out to Heritage Health for a response. That call was referred to the corporate office, who has not returned the call.

Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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