New pottery business comes to downtown Macomb

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Another new business has set up shop in downtown Macomb, thanks to an entreprenuer competition a few months ago. Now, small business owners are working together to bring in more foot traffic.

The new paint-your-own pottery shop is the fourth business to open from the small business entreprenuer competition and now that owner Laci Todd has her business up and running– she said it’s time to work with surrounding businesses.

A new door is open for business in downtown Macomb– thanks to Laci Todd’s new paint your own pottery shop, Crafty Coop. Since it’s soft opening in late October, the shop has brought more foot traffic to town.

In just two days, Todd had more than 30 visitors.

“I’ve had some come from out of town, some of them are local,” Todd said. “I had a grandmother bring her grandchildren in who live over by Peoria, so that was nice.”

Now that her business is up and running– Todd said it’s time to start working with others.

“I want people to come to the downtown and want them to paint, but also want them to bring in food or bring in a drink, so go across the street to Sweet Shack,” Todd said.

Other small business owners right down the street from Crafty Coop said that bringing in foot traffic is a group effort and she’s excited to see what this new business brings to hers.

“Any new business that comes on Chandler Square, of course, is actually huge for us to have more foot traffic come right by our building,” Sweet Shack 2.0 Owner Tracey DeBold said. “The Crafty Coop is what we need to get people to come around here.”

Downtown Macomb has seen a handful of new businesses pop-up this year and owner of Sweet Shack 2.0 said it’s time to work together.

“We’re going to definitely work together and get people to look at both of our businesses here in town,” DeBold said.

Todd agrees and encourages people to support local businesses.

“You can still shop in Macomb and get most everything that you need, so it’s good to support the small businesses,” Todd said.

Crafty Coop and Sweet Shack 2.0 are the first ones to pair up– but said they plan to get more businesses on board and plan to collaborate discounts for customers if they come to both of their stores.


Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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