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Bushnell Prairie City School District to make improvements

Imagine water running down the walls of your children’s classroom while they’re trying to learn. It’s one of many problems at the Bushnell Prairie City Elementary School that administrators hope to fix.

Classrooms at Bushnell Prairie City are outdated and some even have water leaking down the walls.

While the district plans to fix those, along with other Health Life and Safety maintenance violations issued by the state–they’re taking the upgrades a step further.

The district has given one classroom a complete makeover, to see how it enhances the learning environment.

“They added new bulletin boards, a new dry erase board, they also added new carpet on top of our old tile, brand new tables with chairs, and a fancy U-table we can use as a teacher table,” 2nd Grade Teacher Joanna Tilstra said.

Tilstra’s classroom is the only one in the school that looks like this and she said she already sees a difference.

“It’s definitely increased their collaboration, kids are excited to work with one another and they’re right next to each other,” Tilstra said.

After the upgrades, every classroom will look like the new and improved one in the elementary school. Superintendent Kathy Dinger said this will better the learning environment.

“The fact that we’re putting these efforts into the learning environment shows our commitment giving back to the school community,” Dinger said. “I know the students are excited to walk in that room every day and I know the classroom teacher, Ms. Tilstra, it’s actually changed the way she’s able to teach.”

Tilstra agrees and is excited for all the teachers and students to soon have the opportunities that her classroom has.

“I’ve enjoyed the new updates, I’ve loved the TV, I can do different things with it and get he kids engaged and I think all the other teachers are going to be really excited,” Tilstra said.

The $728,000 maintenance violations will be paid for with bonds. The school plans to issue debt certificates for the additional upgrades at the elementary school.

They plan to take bids for the bonds and choose vendors in December. Construction would start this summer.


Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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