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Crews respond to apartment fire in Palmyra

A northeast Missouri resident is without a home after their apartment went up in flames Thursday night.

It happened at 307 South Maine Street, about one mile north of Palmyra High School. around 7:45 p.m.

Firefighters say no one was inside a ground-floor apartment when fire broke out.

Palmyra Fire Chief Gary Crane thinks a space heater may have sparked the fire.

The room was fully-involved when crews arrived, luckily no one was inside and the fire chief is grateful that a man who was working in a neighboring building at the time called for help.

“He was next door in his office and could smell the smoke,” said Chief Crane. “He came in to do some paperwork and smelled some smoke and that alerted him to investigate and see what the smell was and he called in the fire then.”

Chief Crane says the fire has been ruled accidental and the apartment is a total loss.

Upper floors of the same building also have smoke damage and the building next door has light smoke damage.

The chief says if that neighbor hadn’t called for help, firefighters may have been dealing with a large building fire.

This makes this the second fire in the past two days where a heating source sparks a Tri-State fire.


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