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JWCC students conduct an eye contact social experiment

Do you find making eye contact with a stranger intimidating or awkward?

In an interpersonal communication class, John Wood Community College Students challenged their peers by conducting a social experiment.The asked them to make eye contact with a stranger for one minute without talking. The goal is to put down your phone or electronic device and better connect with people face-to-face.

“I think that we lose,” said student Christine Poage talking about people staring at their phones. “We lose the opportunity to really find out what’s going on with the person sitting in front of us.”

“From this experiment I hope we can learn that eye contact isn’t bad, it’s not awkward,” said Ethan Rockhold. “Just a minute of sitting down and actually looking at someone can change their behavior and make their day.”

Another student said this experiment will help her improve maintaining eye contact with others.

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