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Quincy residents talk garbage fees with mayor

Quincy (WGEM) — Residents voiced their concerns about the price for garbage collection in Quincy during a town hall meeting with Mayor Kyle Moore Thursday night.

With the option to privatize garbage service or leave it to the city, most said they’d rather have the city handle it and continue to put blue stickers on trash bags.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore laid it all out during the town hall meeting, showing residents the options they have before garbage, recycling and yard waste contracts expire in April.

“We presented simply raising the stickers to $1, which would keep up with inflation and keep the service profitable for a year,” said Moore. “That takes care of garbage. We could also privatize with a 95 gallon tote, smaller totes would be available for a first year price of $10.25 a year and it would only go up 2.5% every year.”

For resident Justin Crouch, the answer is simple.

“The privatization takes the choice away from the community by limiting how we can run it,” said Crouch.

Others agree, they don’t mind paying more for stickers. Some think $1 isn’t high enough.

“We’re saying if we raise our stickers to $1 as opposed to 75 cents now that that would cover us for the next five years,” said resident Roy Casey. “Lets think longer term. Lets raise the sticker to a price that sustains us for 20 years, for 10 years. Maybe $1.50 or a $1.75.”

However, if the city decides to stay with the sticker program, the city has to pay an additional $600,000 in workers comp payments, something that wouldn’t be an issue if the city decided to privatize.

“Our sticker program now, there’s a reason why many communities, most communities, don’t have it and that’s because it’s really not feasible when it comes to workers comp,” said Moore.

The mayor supports privatizing garbage service. As far as recycling goes, most of the residents at the town hall meeting said they want to keep recycling. But, if the city continues to provide that, it would cost about $4 extra a month. For yard waste pickup, the city won’t continue that, in the spring, residents will have to take their own yard waste to a collection site.

The Garbage and Recycling Committee will review the community’s feedback at their next meeting.

The committee then makes a recommendation to city council who makes the final decision. That could happen early next year.

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Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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