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Hannibal School District moves forward with new HVAC plans

The Hannibal School District is moving forward with plans to equip your child’s school with a new HVAC system.

The school wants to equip the buildings on its main campus with new systems, that includes Korf Gymnasium. But the school says the new systems are only possible if voters approve the bond issue on next April’s ballot.

Monday, the school board met in a special session to determine which company will complete the work.

“When April 2nd comes and our community votes yes so that we can be like every other school district so we don’t have to have all these early out days and the climate in our room can be comfortable for our students in the learning process,” said Superintendent Susan Johnson.

In total, the work is expected to cost around $15 million.

The school district is expected to announce its final decision Tuesday.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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