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Quincy snow plow concerns following truck fire

After a Quincy snow plow went up in flames Sunday night, city crews are now worried it may happen again to another city truck.

Officials with Quincy Central Services say the truck caught fire Sunday night due to a mechanical issue.

The vehicle broke down, the driver smelled something burning, jumped out, then the plow burst into flames.

The concern now is that central services has another truck with similar mechanical issues.

“It wasn’t an issue where it was something he could have foreseen happening,” said John Schafer, Quincy Central Services assistant director. “It was just a fluke thing but we’ll continue to be aware of what’s going on and aware of what’s happening with the trucks.”

Now that central services is down a truck, Schafer says they’re using a backup but will soon look into buying a permanent replacement.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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