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New study warns of dangerous driving near Illinois schools

A new study sheds light on the safety of children while they’re walking to and from school or getting on and off the school bus.

The new study is from Zendrive, a software company that tracks speeding and phone use while driving near school zones.

This study says if you have a child in school, they are in more danger around Illinois schools from dangerous drivers than nearly any other state.

Darlene Herman has been a crossing guard for Quincy Public Schools for three years and has seen her fair share of dangerous drivers.

“I see people on their phones going through the school zones and it’s just distracting them from watching the kids,” said Darlene. “Kids don’t always think. They have a tendency to run out.”

The Zendrive app recently profiled every county in the country, grading thousands of schools.

Illinois was given an “F” rating for safety in school zones. Quincy Junior High was ranked one of the worst in the county.

“I never realized, until I stood at the corner of 14th and Maine, how crazy the drivers are in this town,” said Herman.

Quincy mom Delene Seaman lives close enough to Madison Elementary, where she feels comfortable allowing her kids to walk to and from school.

“Kids are taking it for granted that the drivers are paying attention,” said Seaman. “Kids are not. I wish my kids were more careful.”

That’s why Seaman says she’s thankful for crossing guards like Herman because she knows not all drivers are responsible.

“The cell phone thing is a big deal and I understand because it’s tempting for me too,” said Seaman. “Be aware. Get down to the 20 mph, please.”

“Keep that phone down,” said Herman. “Those kids lives are not worth your phone call.”

If you want to see how your state or county ranks on the list of safety, click here.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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