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Salvation Army prepares for Christmas dinner

The Salvation Army is preparing for their annual Christmas Dinner on Tuesday.

Officials said the number of people attending continues to rise.

Kroc Center staff and volunteers spent the afternoon turning the basketball court from a place to play to a dinning room that can fit dozens of people.

Officials said if you are alone this Christmas, stop by, grab a meal, and have a good time with everyone in the community.

From chairs to tables, volunteers packed the gym to prepare for the feast.

“The ham has been sliced, we will baking it through the night,” Major Andy Miller said. “The potatoes, the friends who have brought desserts. It’s an amazing thing.”

But it’s not only about the food, it’s about the people.

Major Miller said to stop in if you don’t have anywhere to go.

“Great time to come and have a community dinner with some other people,” Miller said. “Some have been coming for 30 years.”

Kristy Stegeman was helping all afternoon. She said this event is truly special because of what it means to families.

“It’s just a big thing, a way we can give back to spread our good Christmas Christian cheer to everyone else,” Stegeman said.

She said the spirit of Christmas is in the air and this community does an amazing job lending a helping hand.

“Being able to be here with other people that want to share and give back their times and talents to making it possible for a lot of people in the community,” Stegeman said.

Miller said this community goes the extra mile when their names are called.

“I don’t know if there is a better place for more generous people in this community,” Miller said. “So it’s been great to see whether it was dessert, a coin in the kennel, a few dollars or check in the office, it’s just amazing to me.”

The dinner is from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Salvation Army was asking for dessert donations and people delivered tables filled with sweet treats.

If you need a ride to the dinner or would like a meal delivered to your home, you can call the Salvation Army at (217) 231-5626

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Don Dwyer

Don Dwyer is a Morning Anchor/Reporter at WGEM.

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