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Fitness experts give tips to stay committed to resolutions

Quincy, IL (WGEM) – Does your New Year’s resolution involve working out and becoming healthier?

Quincy YMCA Fitness staff said they always see a big boom of people at the start of the new year. The best way to stick to your goal is setting smaller, reachable goals. They add having an accountability partner can make all the difference.

“The ones that are sticking around they are finding a partner to work out with,” said Cole Nelson, YMCA Wellness Coordinator. “Whether it be a family member or friend, somebody from work, somebody in the gym that they’ve met just from being here, they are making each other accountable.”

Nelson said don’t get discouraged if you fall off track, you should always start again.

“Making a New Year’s resolution and making a goal is making you better in the long run,” said Nelson. “So, having that New Year’s resolution is honestly the best way to start a new path in life, especially if you want to stat being healthier, start something new it’s the easiest way to go.”

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