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Gyms gear up for influx of new members

With getting healthy being the most searched New Year’s resolution, gyms say the first few months of the year are always the busiest, meaning it may be hard to find a spot on a treadmill at gyms in the coming days.

Officials at the Quincy Family YMCA said they’ve already seen an increase in new memberships going into the new year, and they expect to see more sign ups in the coming weeks.

“I want to be the best shape I’ve ever been in by the time I’m 45, and that’ll be next July– so I’m giving myself a year to be the best I’ve ever been and the strongest I’ve ever felt,” said Jennifer Malaney, who didn’t want to take new years day off from her work out schedule so she can stay focused on her goals for the new year.

She was there today with her new trainer Shelby Kammerer, who said she was recently hired to help with the increase in members.

“People set those new years resolutions to get in the gym get in shape, so they hired some new personal trainers to help with a demand of people,” Kammerer.

Officials said that new employees are just one part of what they’re offering for newcomers

“We have extra staff on board, we have some different programs that are starting to help people with new years’ resolutions,” said Wellness Coordinator Cole Nelson.

Nelson said over the next few days there’ll be sign ups for new programs designed to keep people engaged with their goals, along with deals for new membership. They’re also being more strict about time limits on machines.

“The cardio machines a half hour,” said Nelson, “we try and enforce that, especially now, when we have people wanting to get in and out, use the machines.”

It’s all to draw in more new people like Whitney George, who went to her first ever yoga class today.

“I wanna come in to the y more, and do the yoga classes, maybe work out,” said George when talking about her goals for the new year.

Officials at the Y said one of the best ways to keep your fitness goals is to find a friend to go with to the gym to hold each other accountable.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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