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Hannibal High School increase security measures

Hannibal, MO (WGEM) — Hannibal High School increased security with recent upgrades.

The school district installed 44 new solid wood doors with bulletproof glass during the winter break to boost security.

The doors cost around $77,000 and it is part of an ongoing process to make sure students and staff feel more safe, according to Superintendent Susan Johnson.

School Resource Officer Joel Combs says the doors lock automatically when shut.

“In an intruder drill or something like that the teacher doesn’t have to take the time to think oh I gotta lock the door, they just shut the door and they are locked in,” Combs said.

“Anytime we can promote a safe environment for our students that’s obviously better, not only just for their overall safety but maybe just their peace of mind knowing that those upgrades are taking place,” Hannibal High School Principal Ted Sampson said.

Superintendent Johnson says the district will continue to look for ways to enhance security measures.

“We do have some other buildings that could benefit from new doors and we’ll continue to replace those as we can, we were really happy to get our school that has the largest numbers of students replaced over Christmas,” Johnson added.

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