QPS tries new way to combat high employee turnover rate

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The struggle to keep teachers in your child’s classroom is happening in Quincy.

Officials with the school district say they’ve had a high turnover rate recently with their staff and now they’re trying to fix it.

“We may have 50 teachers leave and there may be 50 different reasons but we want to figure out what those reasons are and try to get them to stay in Quincy,” said Superintendent Roy Webb.

With the turnover rate such an issue within the district, that means different teachers are in and out of classrooms.

It’s a concern for Joyce Stathem, who has a granddaughter at Quincy Junior High.

“If a substitute or somebody comes in, they know that and they rely on that teacher, their regular teacher,” said Stathem. “That’s who they see every day. It’s real important I think.”

Webb says one of the reasons for the high turnover could be attributed to salary.

“If you compare us to the Quad City area or Peoria or Bloomington or the Chicago suburbs, yeah we’re lower than all of them,” said Webb. “That does have an impact.”

However, Webb thinks there could be more to the hiring gap other than pay.

That’s why the district is now trying to get feedback from their staff in the form of a survey.

The survey will consist of about nine questions. The goal is to find out the things staff say they’re happy with in regards to the district and things the district can improve.

“It’s going to be a process,” said Webb. “This is just a way for us to gather information about how our staff feels.”

The surveys start going out March 1.


Kaylee Pfeiferling

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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