Macomb declares Snow Emergency

Macomb, IL (WGEM) — Mayor Michael Inman has declared a Snow Emergency for the city of Macomb.

Mayor Inman stated with the anticipated winter weather forecast, the City of Macomb is declaring a Snow Emergency starting at 6:00 p.m. Friday until Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Mayor Inman stated a snowfall of three inches will automatically constitute a snow emergency. At which time, it is unlawful for any person to park or allow a motor vehicle to remain parked on a street that has been designated as a snow route in the city.

  • Snow routes are listed below.
  • Adams Street from Randolph Street to the west city limits.
  • Bower Road from University Drive to Jackson Street
  • Calhoun Street from Campbell Street to Bonham Street
  • Candy lane its entire length
  • Carroll Street from Lafayette Street to Western Avenue and from Randolph Street to Prairie Avenue
  • Deer Road its entire length
  • Dudley Street its entire length
  • Grant Street its entire length
  • Harmony Lane its entire length
  • Jefferson Street its entire length
  • Lafayette Street from Washington Street to Grant Street
  • Maple Avenue its entire length
  • Murray Street from Johnson Street to Western Avenue
  • McArthur Street from Washington Street to Grant Street
  • Pearl Street its entire length
  • Pierce Street from Johnson Street to State Street
  • Piper Street from Candy Lane to Pearl Street
  • Prairie Avenue its entire length
  • Randolph Street from Washington Street to Grant Street and from Calhoun Street to Glenwood Park
  • Tower Road from Wigwam Hollow Road to Lafayette Street
  • University Drive from Wigwam Hollow Road to Western Avenue, from Western Avenue to Lafayette Street and from Lafayette Street to Bower Road
  • Ward Street its entire length
  • Washington Street from Lafayette Street to Ward Street and from Campbell Street to White Street
  • Western Avenue from Adams Street to University Drive
  • Wheeler Street from Prairie Avenue to the east city limits
  • White Street its entire length
  • Wigwam Hollow Road its entire length


Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts

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