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New marketing campaign promotes city of Macomb

If you drive through Macomb, you’ll see some new banners lining the streets. These banners are part of a marketing plan that the whole town is behind.

Local businesses are what drives a town like Macomb. That’s why city leaders and businesses have teamed up with a company called CGI Communications, out of New York. The goal? To promote local businesses throughout the town.

“I think they’re great,” R & R Stylist Amy McKee said. “They give you something to look at as you go through town.”

But it’s much more than that– as the 50 new banners that line the streets are part of a new marketing campaign to promote the town.

Businesses like R & R Salon, which hopes the banners bring more foot traffic to downtown.

“We hope that it brings in people passing through the town that maybe haven’t been here, that sees the spa and is like oh, I need a massage or a haircut,” McKee said.

McKee hopes the banners will draw people into her business, who have no idea that it’s there.

“There’s lots of people in Macomb who have never heard of us either, so, you know, local business, push and support that,” McKee said.

Macomb mayor Mike Inman said he not only hopes that these banners help promote the businesses in town, but he also said he hopes people passing through will see them.

“I think just driving into town, seeing the banners, they’re bright, they add a positive aesthetic to the community, at the same time, they’re driving home the point we’re proud of our community and the community is vital to not only these businesses, but hey, while you’re here, stop and patronize these businesses,” Inman said.

McKee agrees– and said she appreciates the support from city leaders.

“Small businesses, it’s hard to survive in a small area, we can’t do that without local support,” McKee said.

The marketing campaign also includes new videos for the city of Macomb’s website– which promote everything the city has to offer.

The marketing campaign doesn’t cost the city any money, as the businesses sponsor the banners.
If your business would like to get involved, you can contact the Macomb Downtown Development Director.


Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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