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Two Quincy nursing homes fined by the Illinois Dept. of Public Health

Quincy (WGEM) — The Illinois Department of Public Health released their report for nursing home violations for the Fourth Quarter of 2018.

The report stated that two Quincy facilities, Sunset Home and St. Vincent’s Home, were fined during that period for violations.

The report shows that St. Vincent’s was fined for two violations, $2,200 each for a total of $4,400.

One violation involved mental abuse of a resident. The report stated that an employee was “purposely slapping the baby doll of a severely cognitively impaired resident in order to ‘rile up’ the resident causing (her) to suffer emotional distress and agitation.”

The report stated that the resident’s care plan states, “I have confusion/short and long term memory impairment that affects my daily functioning. Provide me comfort and support my current thoughts in a soothing manner, and ensure my safety. I have a baby doll in my room that I like to take care of. Don’t touch or rearrange any of my personal items. Provide me with emotional support and reassurance when I am upset.”

The report shows that numerous times an employee would “rile her up” by striking the baby dolls.

St. Vincent’s declined our request for an interview instead, they released the following statement:

A resident, who has dementia, believes her dolls to be like her children. An employee struck one of the dolls and therefore the incident constituted mental abuse. The employee involved was suspended pending the investigation and then terminated.

To read the full report click here.

According to the report, the other violation at St. Vincent’s involved a patient who was admitted to the home after falling at home. It stated that “Based on record review and interview, the facility failed to promptly address inadequately controlled pain and notify the attending physician for reconsideration of approaches and management for one of three residents reviewed for pain management in a sample of three. This failure resulted in the escalation of pain symptoms to the point of requiring hospitalization for severe back pain.”

The report also stated that the patient sustained a fall at the nursing facility when being transferred from the bed.

St. Vincent’s released the following statement in regard to the violation:

A patient came to us with severe back pain. The patient’s attending physician provided a statement to IDPH stating the pain was unavoidable due to the patient’s diagnosis. IDPH disagrees. The patient was lowered to the floor, not dropped.

St. Vincent’s stated that they paid both fines.

To read the full report click here.

The report stated that Sunset Home was fined $2,200 for a violation in which a resident, who was supposed to have assistance with using the bathroom, fell and broke her wrist.

It stated that the facility “failed to provide supervision and assistance to a resident totally dependent for toileting.”

It stated that these failures resulted in the patient self-transferring to the toilet, losing balance and falling which resulted in her sustaining a left wrist fracture.

Sunset Home declined our request for an interview, but the home’s administrator, Jerry Neal, made the following statement:

“We had an incident and it is completely resolved with the department of public health.”

To read the full report click here.

To view all IDPH nursing home violation reports click here.

Zachary Voss

Zachary Voss is the Assignment Editor at WGEM.

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