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City leaders in Macomb start to plan for phase two of revitalization

Downtown Macomb is getting yet another makeover as city leaders are gearing up for phase two of the town’s downtown revitalization project.

That includes new sidewalks downtown, the addition of fire suppression equipment, fixing up and replacing some of the light poles and 45 new planting beds.

Downtown Development Director Kristen Terry said although the project won’t start until 2020– they are starting to plan for it now.

She said this year, they plan to focus on going out for bids.

“We’re really excited its been thirty plus years since we’ve been able to revitalize the downtown and we’re very thankful that we were able to do the first phase in last year and complete it in 2020,” Terry said.

Phase two will be a 2.3 million dollar project. 1.3 million is coming from an ITEP grant the town was awarded and the rest will be paid through the self infrastructure fund.

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