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“Operation Iced Out” works to keep meth out of McDonough County

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McDonough County, Il (WGEM) — McDonough County authorities said they’ve put a stop to a group that was bringing 50 pounds of methamphetamine into the area every month.

The sheriff’s office sayid six people are facing charges arrested as part of the delivery operation

Those recent arrests are a result of “Operation Iced Out”– an investigation where law enforcement in McDonough County is teaming up with other counties and federal agencies to stop methamphetamine from being brought into the town.

“I think what gets us started is when your drug investigators come to you and they literally say to you, everyone is high on methamphetamine,” McDonough County Sheriff Nick Petitgout said.

A high volume of methamphetamine is moving through seven counties in West Central Illinois– McDonough County being one of them.

“You have some of these major cities who have people in their communities who have connections down south who can bring it up from down south and that’s where we’re at right now,” Petitgout said.

It’s investigation that allows them to crack down by working together.

“Working with the Illinois State Police Drug Task Force, with their West Central, working with the DA and sort of getting our hands on information that we don’t have and putting it all together,” Petitgout said.

At Lakeview Medican and Psychiatric Healthcare in Macomb, Ashley Martin works with patients who have drug related problems. She said when drugs are moving through the county like this, it’s a community effort to stop the drug usage

“We try to work closely with the court system and probation officers in the area so we can try and facilitate that medium between the law enforcement and the medical side with the treatment of addiction and mental illness,” Martin said.

Petigout said with federal resources on hand now, he hopes to add to the 17 people already arrested in the “Operation Iced Out” investigation.

“Hopefully three or four months from now, you and I can sit down and do this again,” Petitgout said.

He also said it’s often crime stopper tips, car checks and monitoring houses that carries them far in these types of investigations.

If you ever see any suspicious behavior, call crime stoppers or the sheriff’s office.


“Operation Iced Out” results more arrests, indictments
“Operation Iced Out” results in multiple arrests, indictments in Illinois

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