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Quincy roads deteriorating under harsh winter weather

Tri-State roads are taking a beating under the extreme cold weather outside.

North 18th Street in Quincy has been a trouble spot for drivers this winter. Potholes and cracks make it a bumpy ride.

“They’re terrible on my tire,” said Quincy driver Macayla Hufford. “I’m constantly having to fill up my tires because of it.”

City Engineer Jeffrey Conte says it’s not uncommon see roads deteriorate during the winter months.

“This has been a pretty bad year for potholes,” said Conte. “Water expands when it freezes so it tends to push the pavement out and then it falls and collapses in and causes the potholes. The main culprit is the cold weather, water and the pavement.”

Conte says crews have been out, maintaining the roads the best they can.

“We try to put in some of what we call a cold patch,” said Conte.”It’s a product that’s not heated up so it doesn’t stick as well but it’s the only thing we can really use this time of year.”

But even with the temporary fix, drivers say they’re sick of the holes.

“Even with a large vehicle like this, I notice the vibrations when we’re driving over the rough roads,” said Quincy driver Trudy Gay.

“I try to avoid them as much as I can,” said Quincy driver Susan Dochterman

“I do live on 18th so I’m constantly on it all the time and it’s literally terrible from one end of town to the next,” said Hufford.

If your street is becoming unbearable with potholes, you can call the Central Services Department at (217) 228-4520.


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