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Tri-State plumbers scramble to fix frozen pipes

Plumbers across the Tri-States are scrambling to fix frozen, busted pipes.

If it hasn’t happened to you, you may not be out of the woods yet.

John Hopson is dealing with a mess in his home after one of his water pipes burst overnight.

“When I got up, apparently the water pipe had already froze up and busted and that’s when I had to get the plumber up here because that was no job for me,” said Hopson.

The break happened under the kitchen floor in this small crawl space. David Keck with Keck Plumbing said he’s been busy with calls just like this one for a couple of days.

“Pretty hectic day answering a lot of calls. It seems like every time we get one thing done, it seemed like three more came in,” said Keck.

Keck said he doesn’t expect his phone to stop ringing even after the weather warms up this weekend. He said that’s when people may find pipes have broken after they thaw out.

“It may keep everything frozen in one centralized area but once it does eventually warm up and it thaws that out, then it’s a free for all,” said Keck.

Meanwhile for Hopson, he’s happy to have water flowing through his home yet again.

“Yeah you know it’s going to be another bill that you’re not expecting. I guess that’s probably one of the main things but those things are going to happen and it could be a lot worse too.,” said Hopson.

Keck said it’s critical you know where the shut off to the water in your home is. That way if a pipe does burst, you can limit water damage.

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