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Indictment released for man charged in death of two children

Quincy (WGEM) — The Bill of Indictment for William Brewer, the man charged in connection to an October 2018 house fire that took the life of two children, was released Tuesday.

Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha announced on Monday that Brewer and Marilyn Kramer were indicted by an Adams County Grand Jury for two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child in connection to a house fire that took the life of Toby Brewer, 8, and Emma Kramer, 5, on October 12, 2018.

The bill of indictment for Kramer was released Monday, however, the bill of indictment for Brewer was not released until Tuesday.

The indictment states that Brewer and Kramer “used damaged and hand spliced extension cords to provide electricity from a neighbor’s residence and placed the cords under a mattress thereby causing a fire.”

The neighbor who they were allegedly stealing electricity from, Tracy Marlow, said she didn’t know they were running the extension cord from her basement.

Marlow said that on the night of the fire, investigators told her that the door leading to her basement was open. She said they found an extension cord connected to a lightbulb base. Investigators described them as hand-spliced extension cords that led from Marlow’s basement over to the home of Kramer and Brewer.

Farha said that Brewer was arrested by the US Marshals Service in Mississippi and was being extradited to Adams County. Farha said he believed that Brewer left the area knowing that there would be charges.

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Zachary Voss

Zachary Voss is the Assignment Editor at WGEM.

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