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Electric companies prepare for outages due to ice and wind

Power companies are preparing to deal with icy tree limbs, covered wires and high speed winds.

You may not think about if you live in town but for residents in rural areas, ice and wind can be a threat to their power lines.

People like Kim Jones, who lives right outside Palmyra, are well aware and prepared.

“We’ve always had candles, there’s plenty of blankets, my husband is an electrician, so he always has a generator in the back of his truck if we need it,” Jones said.

When the weather is like this, workers at the Missouri Rural Electric Co-Op in Palmyra, are prepared for what could be a busy night.

“We will have people on standby ready to go to take on any outages that may or may not happen,” General Manager Matt Hudson said.

Hudson said they keep an eye on wind and ice– as those conditions can easily affect power.

“By what I can tell tonight, it would be the wind, it could cause us a problem tonight,” Hudson said. “The ice threat for tonight, may or may not materialize, as well as vehicle accidents into poles and things like that could also affect us.”

It’s something Jones is making sure she’s ready for.

“I have my grandchildren at the house, I have animals, that I like to stay in the house and stay warm and just knowing that we have the blankets for warmth,” Jones said.

Jones also appreciates the extra effort from power companies.

“Oh it’s very comforting and it’s nice to know my neighbors, you know what I mean, are being taken care of too,” Jones said.

Officials with the Missouri Rural Electric Co-Op said if your power does go out, they will do their best to restore it within two hours.

They also advise you to always have flashlights and blankets.

Officials also said having your account number or phone number associated with the account number will speed up the process as they restore your power.

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