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Palmyra raising money to celebrate Bicentennial

The city of Palmyra is raising money to celebrate it’s bicentennial in August.

Palmyra’s mayor said they are selling several items with the bicentennial logo on it, including a commemorative gun and coins.

The money raised will go towards the 200th birthday festivities in august.

Any money left over will go into a fund that the city plans to use to build an extension onto this building out at the city’s park.

“It needs a commercial kitchen,” said Mayor Loren Graham. “The kitchen is not really set up for big events so if we could add an addition onto the building with a meeting room, a smaller meeting room and a commercial kitchen, that could be something we give back to the community for the bicentennial.”

The Palmyra Heritage Seekers also have several events planned throughout the year.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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