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Quincy fire officials remind everyone to check smoke detectors after house fire

Firefighters said the smoke alarms inside a Quincy home is the reason a family was not hurt in a house fire early Saturday morning.

That’s why they’re reminding you to check your smoke alarms.

“We have a wide variety of smoke detectors,” said Quincy Home Depot Store Manager Mike Vorholt, adding that when the weather gets cold they stock up on all kinds of smoke detectors.

He said if you’re looking for a new one, he recommends the new 10-year models with built in batteries

“The biggest benefit of that is you don’t have to worry about changing the battery out– usually you have to change your battery out at daylight savings,” said Vorholt, “a 10 year battery you don’t have to worry about that.”

Assistant Chief James Pioch at the Quincy Fire Department says the loud beeping of a smoke alarm could be the difference between life and death for your family, which is why they said it’s critical to have working detectors in your home.

“It’s gonna be their primary alert system especially if you’re sleeping, the smoke usually doesn’t wake you up, in fact it’ll kill you while you’re sleeping if you’re not protected by a smoke protector,” said Pioch, adding that if you or someone you know doesn’t have a smoke detector or would have trouble getting one, they’re here to help

“The American Red Cross has a program where they’ll give out smoke detectors and we will install those smoke detectors, they can either call the american red cross here in Quincy or they can call the Quincy Fire Department directly,” said Pioch.

Both Pioch and Vorholt said this morning’s fire is a perfect reminder to check your smoke detectors and change the batteries if needed.

“It’s a good time to just upgrade and replace it and you’ll have that peace of mind,” said Vorholt.

You can call the Quincy Fire Department at 217-228-4459 and the Red Cross at 800-448-3543

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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