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Quincy teen program helps parents during snow days

Quincy (WGEM) — The rash of winter weather means a lot of days at home for students across the Tri-States, but finding someone to watch the kids all day can put a strain on working parents.

Quincy Teen Reach normally doesn’t open until kids get out of school, but when there is no school, officials say they open their doors to help working parents.

Angela Caldwell is a  working single mother, who takes advantage of the program.

When school is canceled, she says it’s always a scramble to come up with last-minute affordable childcare, as she prefers not to leave her son in 8th grade, Ryan, home alone.

“My first initial thought was, oh no, another snow day. Then my next thought was okay, I need to make adjustments for my son,” Caldwell said.

But thanks to Quincy Teen Reach, Caldwell doesn’t have to worry anymore.

“It is just indescribable what this does for me because now of the fact that now I don’t have to worry about what is he doing, you know, just knowing that he’ll be someplace safe,” Caldwell said.

Quincy Teen Reach Program Coordinator, Christopher Turner says Teen Reach usually opens after school, but when school is canceled, workers accommodate.

“We pick them up from home, we bring them here, we have activities we do all day, we have a lot of fun on no school days, we give them dinner and then we take them home,” said Turner. “When you have to go to work and there’s no school, what do you do with your kids? So a lot of the time, parents are grateful that their kids have somewhere to go, they know they’re going to eat and be safe.”

This kind of adjustment that puts Caldwell at ease, knowing her son is staying out of trouble and receiving meals, all for no cost.

“Everything they that they do is really a great help to me as a single parent. I don’t have to worry about him so I can actually focus on what pays the bills.,” Caldwell said.

Officials at Teen Reach say they plan to keep opening early for any day that school is canceled.

They also provide transportation there and back for students.

For more information visit the Quincy Teen Reach website here.

Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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