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Hannibal Victory Over Hunger Garden looking for volunteers

For many, fresh produce is something taken for granted, but Tri-State food pantry organizers said it’s not something they can always offer those in need.

Victory Over Hunger Garden organizers said their garden helps put around 1,000 pounds of fresh produce on the tables of hundreds of families in Hannibal. They said without help from the community, the future of the garden is up in the air.

“They’re juicy, you get tomatoes from the store, the outside is kinda hard, but you get them here, they’re nice and soft,” said Sam Foust, who gets food from and helps out at the Hannibal First United Methodist Church’s food pantry, remembering tomatoes that came from the Victory Over Hunger Garden last season.

Food pantry workers said the produce from the garden helps feed around 250 families every month and is a big upgrade from the canned goods and nearly expired produce they normally get.

Organizers at the Victory Over Hunger Garden said without help from the community they might not be able to make all that fresh produce that goes back to those in need

“The rest of the year we struggled with only 5 volunteers to maintain the garden which is why it was so difficult this year– we’re really hoping to double or even triple that number,” said Team Leader of the project John Tomko

Tomko said while they get help from groups like Kids in Motion, there’s still a lot to be done, without more volunteers in the future they might not be able to continue.

“The purpose was to allow for the community to have a healthy means to fight hunger, not through products that are canned or processed food, but healthy natural food from the earth,” said Tomko.

Foust said he appreciates the volunteers work and hopes everything works out

“Vegetables you know, they’re expensive too– most people in town, like [me] don’t have a yard to be able to garden– and it’s organic, it’s a lot better than going to the store,” said Foust.

Tomko said they start work here in late March, and continue through the fall.

If you want to help out, you can go to their Facebook here, and send them a message, or give them a call at (573)-340-3205.


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