Monroe City R-1 Schools putting bond issue for improvements to voters

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In just a few weeks, voters in the Monroe City R-1 School District will be asked to approve a new bond issue.

Proposition 2 would fund improvements across the district.

School officials said some buildings in the district date back to the 1930’s, with leaks in the ceiling and cracks in the wall. The district said this $8.5 million, 30-year bond issue will help them with numerous projects that will improve learning.

“Not just when it rains but when the snow melts on the roof, it starts leaking into the classroom, I don’t really know when it’s going to start leaking so we just always have something there to catch the water,” said 3rd grade teacher Marsha Franklin.

Buckets Franklin leaves in her classroom in case the roof starts leaking

Franklin said buildings are showing their age: small classrooms, few power plugs, and an aging HVAC system are just a few of the issues she says the bond issue would help with.

Since the HVAC in Franklin’s classroom is connected to the aging Middle School system, she says her class depends on this wall unit.

“It means a better learning environment for them, they can concentrate on their learning and not have to worry about being cold or hot during the day,” said Franklin talking about the benefits if passed.

School district officials said Franklin isn’t the only one facing issues like these, which is why they’re asking for voter’s support on Proposition 2.

“If I’ve gotta replace a unit here and there and spent $30-40 thousand, that’s not a huge hit out of my annual budget, [but] 500,000 dollars for a Middle School HVAC replacement? That’s a lot of money and what it does is it takes away from other things we do,” said Monroe City R-1 Superintendent Tracy Bottoms.

Bottoms said if voters pass Proposition 2, the school will be able to build new and larger classrooms in multiple departments, improve the traffic situation for pick up and drop off, replace the HVAC system in the Middle School, and more.

This map shows what will be added in the bond issues. Phase 1 is in blue, Phase 2 is in purple, the green-yellow part is an older part of the school that would be demolished if Phase 2 is passed.

“By moving our Ag facility and starting to build this next structure back in between the current middle school and high school, what we find is we can link all these buildings together for safety and security,” said Bottoms talking about the new additions that would be covered in the bond issue.

For Franklin, she said the upgrades would make a better environment for her students.

“I think it’s important to our students and our community to make this the best possible school for our community,” said Franklin.

If passed on April 2nd, Proposition 2 will raise the property tax $.43 for every hundred dollars of value.

Superintendent Bottoms said this would be Phase 1 of a two phase project. The 2nd phase would be a different no-increase bond issue that would be put to voters in 2024.

A sample ballot is below.

Frank Healy

Frank Healy

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