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SkyWest continues to deal with canceled, delayed flights

New numbers show SkyWest in Quincy continues to have problems getting planes off the ground. The number of cancellations has some flyers hesitant about using the service.

There were no problems at the Quincy Regional Airport on Tuesday with all flights arriving and departing on time.

“The flight was easy,” said SkyWest passenger Carolyn Cross. “We left New York. We were running ahead of schedule. There was an extra flight. We jumped on it. There were only six people on the whole flight. Easy. Fabulous.”

However, some passengers aren’t having the same experience.

SkyWest cancelled 16 flights in November, according to the most recent numbers from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Quincy Airport Director Sandra Shore says some of that has to do with the weather.

“We monitor mostly,” said Shore. “We apply sand when we can to help with traction and then we report our current conditions to the aircraft operating know exactly what to expect when we come and go.”

Shore says the decision on whether or not to fly is up to the pilot in command.

“We just try to maintain a safe and secure environment and report our conditions accurately based on FFA standards and allow them the best information to make that decision,” said Shore.

SkyWest Spokesperson Layne Watson says, “Weather and air traffic control restrictions in Chicago are to blame for most of the cancellations. In some instances, it may be clear in Quincy, but not in Chicago.”

But, the numbers show a high number of cancellations year-round. In fact, in May, 17 flights were cancelled. In the next three months, they cancelled 27 additional flights. That’s well above the company average. These numbers are hurting local travelers and travel agencies.

“They’ve seen that a lot of flights haven’t happened and a lot of things have been cancelled and they’ve heard from their neighbors,” said Mecki Kosin with Travel House of Quincy. “That kind of gets around and now people are hesitant to fly out of here.”

Watson adds, “We appreciate the patience of our passengers, and want them to know that the decision to cancel flights comes down to their safety.”

Data reveals reliability concerns in local airline service


Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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