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WIU rally to “Buy into Western” following staff cuts

There’s a call for change on the campus of Western Illinois University.

This comes after the decision last week to cut 132 positions at the school, which is 8% of the university’s total workforce.

On Wednesday, students, faculty and members of the community came together calling on the governor to release emergency funding to the school. Those petitioning say they also want to see a new board of trustees, because the cuts could jeopardize growth for the region.

“Our school problems are so much more than school problems,” said WIU Senior Elizabeth Swan. “They are community problems. For me, they’re student problems”

Organizers of Wednesday’s rally are pushing for 6,000 signatures by next Thursday on a petition for Springfield to “Buy into Western.” At last check the petition had 5,200 signatures.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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