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Proposition S asks Hannibal residents to pay storm water utility fee

According to city officials, Hannibal’s storm water system is failing and is in need of major repairs.

That’s why they are turning to you the voter to help pay for those fixes.

For those that live near Martin Street on Hannibal’s south side, driving down martin street is a major headache.

“There’s potholes, the road is very narrow and I drive a dualy pickup and I’m driving into the yard to even get by here,” said resident Chris McClary.

But the city and the board of public works does not have a fund set up to pay for repairs to the storm water system like the one on Martin Street and this damage on south Seventh Street.

The city is turning to voters to consider paying for the repairs through proposition S on the April ballot. Thursday night, BPW held an informational meeting about the issue.

“This is a way that we can generate revenue that is needed to make the necessary repairs and hopefully ward off any future catastrophes that have made it to the surface that we are aware of,” said Hannibal Board of Public Works Engineer Matt Munzlinger.

BPW officials said if the proposition passes, a storm water fee would be assessed for each property. They estimate the fee would be $1.39 per 500 square feet of impervious area. Impervious area is the area that contributes to storm water run off. They said the average home would pay around $6 a month.

That would allow BPW to be less reactive when problems occur and more proactive.

“If we were doing maintenance we could clean it, we could maybe do some internal televised inspections of the storm sewers and maybe ward off some of these bigger repairs,” said Munzlinger.

It would also allow BPW to finally get to the bigger repairs like the one on martin street, something residents said is long over due.

“They’ve patched these holes a couple of times and within a couple weeks they washed out. You can obviously see the holes, it’s horrible and the barricades are in the way. It’s a nuisance,” said McClary.

Proposition S will be on the ballot April 2nd.

BPW will have a second informational meeting about the issue at city hall at the end of the month.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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