List of veterans who will be on Great River Honor Flight #52.

Great River Honor Flight #52: Veterans List

Below is the list of veterans who will be on Great River Honor Flight #52.

Conflict Last First Nick Hometown State Branch
Viet Buckert Daniel C. Danny Nauvoo IL IL
Viet Burke Stephen P. Steve Macomb IL IL
WWII Cracraft Vernon L. Vern Macomb IL IL
Viet Curtis Raymond D. Raymond Keokuk IA IA
AFV Dingerson Donald E. Don Payson IL IL
Viet Edge, Sr. Roger A. Roger Kirksville MO MO
AFV Flynn Gary M. Gary Colchester IL IL
Viet Foulk, Sr. Larry D. Larry Tennessee IL IL
AFV Foulk, Sr. Sheldon L. Sheldon Quincy IL IL
AFV Gallaher Lee R. Lee Payson IL IL
Viet Hatfield Boyd M. Boyd Quincy IL IL
AFV Havansek William T. Bill Quincy IL IL
AFV Hawkins Louis S. Sam Shelbina MO MO
Viet Hogan Patrick J. PJ Ft. Madison IA IA
Viet Johlfs Roy L. Roy Macomb IL IL
Viet Marsh Larry O. Larry LaGrange MO MO
Viet Marsh Wilbur J. Bill Quincy IL IL
AFV Phillips Larry L. Larry Quincy IL IL
AFV Radford Donald J. Don Louisiana MO MO
Kor Siepel George W. George Plymouth IL IL
AFV Sill Jackie E. Jack Quincy IL IL
AFV Smith Daryle R. Daryle Vandalia MO MO
Viet Strange Delmar L. Delmar Edina MO MO
Viet Stump Arthur E. Gene Quincy IL IL
Viet Swanson Gary R. Gary Colchester IL IL
Kor Thorpe William H. William Macomb IL IL
AFV Ulrich Robert A. Bob Quincy IL IL
AFV Veit James S. Jim Palmyra MO MO
AFV Welper Bernard J. Bing Quincy IL IL
AFV Williams Harold D. Harold Tennessee IL IL
Viet Winner Mark D. Mark Pittsfield IL IL


AFV stands for Armed Forces Veteran; designation to a veteran who served between WWII and Korea or Korea and Vietnam conflicts.