Veterans List: Great River Honor Flight #52

Below is the list of veterans who will be on Great River Honor Flight #52.

Conflict Last First Nick Hometown State Branch
Viet Buckert Daniel C. Danny Nauvoo IL A
Viet Burke Stephen P. Steve Macomb IL AF
WWII Cracraft Vernon L. Vern Macomb IL A
Viet Curtis Raymond D. Raymond Keokuk IA A
AFV Dingerson Donald E. Don Payson IL NG
Viet Edge, Sr. Roger A. Roger Kirksville MO A
AFV Flynn Gary M. Gary Colchester IL A
Viet Foulk, Sr. Larry D. Larry Tennessee IL M
AFV Foulk, Sr. Sheldon L. Sheldon Quincy IL A
Viet Gallaher Lee R. Lee Payson IL AF
Viet Hatfield Boyd M. Boyd Quincy IL A
AFV Havansek William T. Bill Quincy IL M
Viet Hawkins Louis S. Sam Shelbina MO AF
Viet Hogan Patrick J. PJ Ft. Madison IA M
Viet Juilfs Roy L. Roy Macomb il N
Viet Marsh Larry O. Larry LaGrange MO A
Viet Marsh Wilbur J. Bill Quincy IL A
Viet Nutter Roger K. Roger Macomb IL A
AFV Phillips Larry L. Larry Quincy IL M
AFV Radford Donald J. Don Louisiana MO AF
Kor Siepel George W. George Plymouth IL AF
AFV Sill Jackie E. Jackie Quincy IL A
AFV Smith Daryle R. Daryle Vandalia MO N
Viet Strange Delmar L. Delmar Edina MO N
Viet Stump Arthur E. Gene Quincy IL A
Viet Swanson Gary R. Gary Colchester IL N
Kor Thorpe William H. William Macomb IL A
AFV Ulrich Robert A. Bob Quincy IL AF
AFV Veit James S. Jim Palmyra MO A
AFV Welper Bernard J. Bing Quincy IL A
AFV Williams Harold D. Harold Tennessee IL A
Viet Zumwalt Ray F. Ray Hannibal MO N


AFV stands for Armed Forces Veteran; designation to a veteran who served between WWII and Korea or Korea and Vietnam conflicts.


WGEM Staff

WGEM Staff

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