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Big Stage, Small Board: Why John Wood’s Brad Hoyt is Taking Just Half a Clipboard with him to the National Tournament

When you’re a coach as fiery as Brad Hoyt, broken clipboard’s come with the territory. It’s replacing the tool of the trade that isn’t quite as simple.

Hoyt said, “Our 2015 team that went and made a run, the exact same thing happened in the region tournament.

And so we went to the national tournament and I used half of a clip board through the entire national tournament and we made a run to the title game on Saturday so it’ll be a tough thing for me to break as well, but I broke this one pretty good.

There’s not a whole lot of court left.”

Hoyt’s anger got the best of him Saturday in the Blazers win over Rend Lake in the Region 24 semifinals and his players want him to pay for it not by buying a new one, but by using his dismembered diagram.

Sophomore guard Eric Easter said, “I think it’s good luck.

Honestly we been on a roll since he broke it so I think it’s good luck. I say keep it.”

Sophomore guard Gentry Whiteman added that, “We’re going to go ahead and do that because that sounds like a good idea I mean we played really good with a broken clipboard.”

And while Hoyt might have just broken his board this weekend, this moment for the Blazers is a long time in the making.

Easter added, “Never quite forgot the feeling we had last year.

The tears we shed after that game knowing that we had it right there and we just kind of let it slip.”

Sophomore guard Cory Miller Jr. said, “This is what you talk about at the beginning of the season and you just forget about it and work on making progress and that’s all we work on every game.

Win or lose coach says we just have to make progress and we’ll be where we want to be at the end.”

And as far as the challenges of showing how to break a full court press and plays that span the length of the floor goes Hoyt said, “We tell our guys be creative.

And so they had to be a little creative with sort of what we were saying.

I flipped it over I think once.

I think we went from one side to the other side.”

As the Blazers pack their bag for the big dance, they’ll bring two shoes, one team and half a clipboard.

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David Sugarman

David Sugarman is the Weekend Sports Anchor & Reporter at WGEM News.

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