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Quincy’s new recycle program on hold

Quincy’s new recycle program is on hold after it was announced last week that the recycle center will no longer take walk ins.

Aldermen say they were blindsided by last week’s decision to close Quincy Recycle to foot traffic, especially since the city was in talks with Quincy Recycle regarding the new recycling program which goes into effect May 1.

The opt-in program called for a $5 a month charge on resident’s utility bills. Now, the alderman that voted in favor of that program are rethinking their decision.

“It was unexpected,” said City Engineer Jeffrey Conte. “I think people are trying to assess as well as the council trying to assess how to approach this now.”

At Monday’s city council meeting, aldermen were supposed to decide on whether or not to spend roughly $12,000 on 2,000 new recycle bins. The decision was tabled for a week because the central services committee didn’t have a quorum.

Aldermen are now encouraged to come forth with any other ideas moving forward. City officials say as of Friday, 86 people have signed up for the opt-in recycling program.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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