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Spring brings different poison hazards for pets

Quincy, IL (WGEM) — Local veterinarians said you need to be aware of your pet’s surroundings so they don’t get into something that could potentially poison them this spring.

Veterinarian Bob Reich said if you treat your yards, it needs to be watered in or dried before letting your pet out. Wipe up any antifreeze that might have leaked from your cars. Also, keep mouse poisoning where your pets can’t get into it. He adds you should always keep your medication off the counters to where your pet could get into them.

He said staggering and vomiting are signs your pet has been poisoned.

“If you can get it out of their stomach in two hours, especially on prescription drugs, that’s really important,” said Reich. “Mouse poisoning, rat poisoning if you can get it out there in two hours and there’s medications we use to instill vomiting.”

He said if you think your pet has been poisoned, call your veterinarian or the poison hotline.

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