Clean up continues to clear grain off road in La Grange

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Clean up efforts continue at a grain bin in La Grange, Missouri, after it collapsed Monday morning, leaving 850,000 bushels of corn for crews to clean up.

City officials said although it’s a mess, it could have been a lot worse.

Police said they are just thankful that nobody was driving on the road when the grain bin collapsed. They said although closing the main street through town is an inconvenience, they’re just happy nobody was hurt.

A big task, as crews work to move 850,000 bushels of grain.

“They said, it’s probably going to take weeks, and I’m guessing it’s probably going to take longer than a couple of weeks because that, that is a lot of corn,” Canton Resident William White said.

As residents watch the cleanup, police said they should count their blessings. Police Chief Carl Knoche said they’re lucky nobody was hurt.

“It’s a terrible thing that it happened and everybody is sorry for it, but I think it happened about the best time that it possibly could have,” Knoche said.

The grain bin collapsed around 5 a.m., while no cars were passing by on the road.

“We definitely diverted disaster and nobody was hurt and we didn’t lose any lives, so you make the best you can out of it and I think you make the best out of it and I think it went down as well as it could,” Knoche said.

Until the grain is cleaned up, Knoche said the scene is a hot spot for drivers passing through. People like Marvin Viloria, who came to see it from Monroe City.

“So I thought, well hell, I’ll go down and see what it looks like,” Viloria said. “My gosh, it surprised me, I didn’t realize they had that much corn. It’s going to be a mess for a while until they’ve got it cleaned up.”

“It’s just something you don’t think you’ll ever, ever, ever see, but it happens,” Williams said.

The police chief said Main Street will be closed until the grain is all picked up. They have no timeline.

They will post updates on the La Grange Police Facebook Page.


Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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