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City of Keokuk travels to the state capitol to discusses issues facing the area

The city of Keokuk is worried about upcoming legislation that could be talked about in Des Moines this year.

At Southeast Iowa Days last week, City Administrator Cole O’Donnell met with lawmakers at the state capitol.

He said after the talks, he’s worried about a potential property tax reform.

He said the proposal would cut a property tax limit for cities but also limit the growth to a CPI, also called Consumer Price Index. That index sets a level to a price changes and averages them.

He said the levels that lawmakers tend to pick doesn’t keep up with inflation.

The city continues to see a decline in population and a change could cause a big problem.

“It doesn’t do what they think it’s going to do. If you are a place like Waukee or Dallas Center, Iowa and the Des Moines area, you see that growth, but when it comes to rural communities which make up the 900 communities in Iowa, it doesn’t help them,” O’Donnell said.

He said the current system would be better off than the proposed changes.

The city is also in talks with the state economic development on creating more quality housing for workers taking jobs at local manufacturers like Roquette and Keokuk Steel Castings.

O’Donnell adds that Iowa is a working state right now with one of the lowest unemployment numbers in the nation and the city needs to capitalize on that.

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Don Dwyer

Don Dwyer is a Morning Anchor/Reporter at WGEM.

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